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The SAAS S-Drive is a plug and play electronic throttle controller which can be installed on your LDV T60 or D90 vehicle to reduce  throttle “lag”. This is the delay it takes from the moment you push your accelerator to the time the signal reaches the throttle.

The S-Drive is plug and play and can be installed in as little as 5 minutes with no wiring required. Once installed, the driver can select from 5 driving modes…

  • Comfortable Mode – Designed for smooth acceleration
  • Sports Mode – Improves the instantaneous acceleration
  • Performance Mode – Designed for maximum acceleration
  • Eco Fuel Saving Mode – Designed to save fuel with slower and smoother acceleration
  • Original Mode – This mode reverts back to the factory setting.

All modes (excluding original mode) feature sensitivity adjustment 1>9.


  • Plug and Play technology with no wiring required
  • Perfect for towing as it gets you up to speed quicker
  • Shortens the response time between accelerator and throttle
  • 5 Driving modes
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